Organizing an ideal curriculum

I’m not a teacher by any means. I am more of a trainer, a motivator. I’m will be pull in my skills to keep my niece active in her daily routine in my home, at school. It’s a change from the lack of routine she had while living with her parents.

My niece is getting up during the week at 6:30AM. Although she is not currently in school (as I am working this out with the Regional Center and the local Jr. College who holds non-credited classes for the delayed), she will at least have some activities to do. I’m hoping to find a place where she volunteer some of her time, so that she can get exposed to other types of activities that will help build skill.

I’m working on building an in home curriculum, one that will include her doing some reading and math online, and off line. I’m going to be reading to her daily and grasp an understanding of how to build comprehension. She says she gets lost with big words and their meaning. So I will be building up vocabulary.

I’m not at all sure if my sister understands how big of an undertaking this is. I don’t think she cares about the building of skills, but rather on telling family her side. I’m staying clear of that. I’ve decided to distance my niece and my family from gossip and assumptions. It’s a waste of time, a waste of energy. This is something my niece can be easily sucked into, and I’ll have teach her how to respond far more appropriately.

I find myself still seeing her as a child. But I have to remember that she’s 22. There are things that she will want to do that are adult, while at the same time she says and does things like a teenager. Her speech is okay, but her statements are rather childlike, or that of an adolescent. No real aspect of maturity in her tone. That I will build up slowly.


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